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Pallet Support

Pallet supports are used as secondary support bars for extra heavy loads or non-standard pallets. For use with box beams.

Row Spacers

Spacers between pallet frames to ensure consistent spacing between back to back rows. In double racks row spacers are installed between each pair of frames, these can also be used for fixing the sprinkler fire protection system. For some applications, single uprights are used in combination with frames; these are connected with the so-called “in-on” - row spacers.

Foot Plates

Powder coated and galvanised footplates for 85mm, 100mm and 120mm frame section. Seismic option available. A range of dedicated footplates have been designed for specific applications: VNA-applications, High-Bay systems, etc... The load bearing capacity depends on the effective area of the footplate as well as the type of concrete slab.

The racking is adjusted by means of levelling plates, in accordance with the applied regulations. After levelling, the racking is anchored in the concrete slab.

Wire mesh decking

Galvanised mesh with built in pallet supports. Assist in uneven pallets, support in stacking pallets with unsecured items, reduce risk of falling items.

Upright Protectors

The upright protector will reduce the damage caused by impact loads. Especially for installations with fast moving products or heavy products, upright protectors are essential for the safety and lifetime of the racking.

Corner Protectors

The corners of the racking are vulnerable to damage caused by collisions. The corner protectors are anchored on both sides of the upright.

End frame protectors

Constant traffic around the end-frames or the frames at the cross aisles often causes damage to the racking. The Stow frame protector is built with a sigma main beam, supported by two end protectors. For longer runs intermediate supporting brackets are mounted.

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